On this site we share interesting facts, personal impressions and useful information about ART and what art says to US - upper grade students of Városligeti Bilingual Primary School and Zsófi néni, their Art teacher - in English. The best pieces of writing and artworks created by students will also be shared :).
You might wonder what the title is all about. How are these things - the Blue Rider, a running dog, and a Kit Kat - connected to art? This question and many more will be answered here.
Well, join us and find out. 
In the BLOG you can read various articles and assignments about artworks, art terms and artists; and you can admire outstanding works created by students. If you go to the ARTIST OF THE MONTH page, you will find a featured artwork by an artist who was born that month. This picture is also shown as the banner of the HOMEPAGE for a month.
At the bottom of the homepage you can see TAGS that will help you search for specific words.

Image: The Goldfish by Henri Matisse, 1910

Hermitage, Saint Petersburg

from http://www.henri-matisse.net