On this site we share interesting facts, personal impressions and useful information about ART and what art says to US - upper grade students of Városligeti Bilingual Primary School and Zsófi néni, their Art teacher - in English. The best pieces of writing and artworks created by students will also be shared :).
In the BLOG you can read various articles and assignments about artworks, art terms and artists; and you can admire outstanding works created by students. If you go to the ARTIST OF THE MONTH page, you will find a featured artwork by an artist who was born that month. This picture is also shown as the banner of the HOMEPAGE for a month.
At the bottom of the homepage you can see TAGS that will help you search for specific words.

Logo image by Anna Eperjesi 8.b, 2015

Cover picture credit:  https://www.wikiart.org/en/canaletto/the-molo-and-the-piazzetta-san-marco-venice