A Renaissance artist whose biography was published in his lifetime - Michelangelo

Michelangelo, in full Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (born March 6, 1475, Caprese, Republic of Florence [Italy]—died February 18, 1564, Rome, Papal States) was an Italian Renaissance sculptor, painter, architect and poet.

His biography was published in his lifetime twice, one by the painter and architect Giorgio Vasari. He was considered the greatest living artist of his lifetime and some think he was the greatest artist of all times. He thought of himself as a sculptor, although one of his most famous works are the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

Michelangelo had artistic ambition from an early age. At 13 he became an apprentice to the painter Domenico Ghirlandaio. At his recommendation he moved to Florence to study classical sculpture in Lorenzo Medici (the Magnificent)'s palace. After Lorenzo's death he moved to Bologna to study but returned in 1495. He relocated to Rome in 1498. He lived and worked there creating magnificent artworks for the rest of his life.


David (details)


The Holy Family


Pietá - the only work to bear his name


The Sistine Chapel


Sybilla (detail from the Sistine Chapel)