A story

At the art lesson we talked about museums. We examined a picture of a museum inside. Using the new words and expressions some students came up with interesting stories. Here is one of them.


The Mystery of the Museum

by Berta Nagy, 7/a


Robert, the middle-aged custodian, went to the café after work. He always wanted to be a rich artist but he wasn't so talented and he was lame (he couldn't move his fingers on his right hand). Rob was thinking about his life when one of his colleagues stepped inside the room and sat next to him. Rob invited Tony for a latte coffee. Tony asked: "Did you know that during my guard the Landscape of Wales and the sculpture of the Sleeping Woman disappeared from room No. 7? The burglar alarm didn't work so I couldn't catch the thief. I think he had experience in robbing because he was very quick. He did it in 10 minutes, he took the painting off the wall with its frame and got the sculpture off the pedestal, and then he ran out with the artworks. I only saw it on camera after I realized that something is missing.

"Oh, that's horrible. When did it happen?" asked Rob." Around 10, during I was having a coffee at the buffet. After I saw that artworks were missing, I watched the video and then I told the boss, he was really upset and it was very awkward".

The police never realized that it was Tony who stole the artworks from the museum with the help of the ticket seller, Joe. During the day the ticket seller sold tickets while he watched his favourite painting, the Landscape of Wales. That night he spoke to Tony, he was sad because the next day the exhibition was taken to another country's National Museum so that's why they had the idea of stealing their favourites: the Picture of Wales and the sculpture of the Sleeping Woman. Tony was on duty so he could easily switch off the security-system. After that, it was so easy to get the two artworks from room No. 7.  They sold copies of the picture and became rich.