A winter story in summer

Inspired pieces of writing about a Bruegel painting.



1. After coming back from a long day of hunting I was tired and disappointed. 

We hunted all day and all we have is a couple of rabbits. Winter will be long and hard and we don’t have enough food for the whole village. We went through the village and saw some children playing int he snow and skating. They seemed so happy. After walking past the playing children I knew that we’ll need to try again tomorrow. Maybe we will have better luck. 

But I was still happy because my niece will get married tomorrow.

Dobrovits Ilka 6/b


2. Once upon a time in 1565, a group of hunters from the magically non-existing mountainful Flanders were on a hunt for anything they could find for their hungry families waiting at home with the hope to get some food. Unluckily for them the hunters did not hunt anything down, so they started to go home with deep frustration about their poor hunting abilities and their dogs.

As they arrived, they started to consider the positive, looking on the bright side of life. The reason for this was that they saw every citizen of the magically non-existing mountainful Flanders playing outside… Everyone, even animals had some positive feelings about all the fun this magic white blanket gives to every creature participating in the games… wonderful!

First they met some people trying to light a delightful fire around their house. The conversation was rather simple: ’Nice weather we have, haven’t we?’ Then they continued the journey home by the infamous school in their village in the magically non-existing mountainful Flanders. They said a simple ’Good morning’ to the Headmistress carrying some branches for her husband to start a delightful fire, crossing the bridge for the same reason.

Eventually the crossed the frozen lake and arrived home to their families. They told them about the unsuccessful mission and that they were sorry. Surprisingly they received an unexpected reaction. They happily played 16th century hockey until the sun went down!

Maybe it wasn’t an unhappy day after all! They learned that there’s no use crying over spilt milk.

Kovács Ákos 6/c


3. It’s a cold winter. The men had to go hunting for food because there was none left. Unfortunately it is a rough season and hunting did not go as well as it should have. The women are starting a fire to warm them up. Even the dogs haven’t got anything to eat. No food, no trees, no forest. Just lots and lots of snow covering everything there is.

Luckily the children are having a good time. The are sitting on their sled, playing on ice, winter is just so much fun.

In the distance the mountains are scratching the sky with their peak. They stand there and look over the village. They see how the birds are struggling to build a nest but tweeting, bringing life back to the village and the people.

On this cold winter day me and my friends were bored. We decided to go out and play but since we couldn’t use the playground, we went on the ice. Unfortunately we didn’t have skates so we just wore boots. It was very dangerous but because we were used to this weather, it was no problem for us. We played with sticks and stones and we had to hit the ball into the opponent’s goal. We played for hours and hours when suddenly everyone started pointing and gasping, looking towards the hill. The hunters were coming.

In our tradition it was an honour to be a hunter. Only men or boys above 16 were challenged in a tournament and the first three places were rewarded to be a hunter. One of them was my brother. They looked tired and exhausted. It seemed that their hunt was unsuccessful. They only caught one rabbit and their job was to feed the town. They didn’t come down to the valley. They sat down around the fire and rested. This is a very poor town, our food and number of men even lower.

Then I turned around and looked up. We had this huge mountain covering our valley from the cold wind and the storms. Everyone believed in the power of God so as a ’Thank you’ once a year we sent up someone to the peak of the mountain to pray.

It’s quite harsh here so it is very rare to see tradesmen or even new people. The only thing you can find around here is us. Every now and then a bird just flies by and tweets a ’Hello’. This is new every time buti t is so nice that our hope and faith will never die till the end of the world or even longer. 

Bailey Kelen 6/c