An Interview with a contemporary painter

Ágnes Paróczi: Yellow Space, 2010 (Image from


Ágnes Paróczi lives and works in our neighbourhood. She is an expressive constructivist painter. I thought I would make an interview with her and share it on this blog.

Written by Árpád Mátravölgyi (8/c).


Á. M.: When did you start making art?

Á. P. : I first showed interest in art in my childhood, in 1952. I had been admitted to the High School of Art but I only started my studies in 1958, at the College of Fine Art.

Á. M.: Were there other artists in your family?

Á.P.: Yes, my father's cousin who studied at the College of Fine Art as well, but he did become an artist.

Á. M.: How long does it take to complete a painting?

Á. P.: I can't really say, it depends on a lot of things. Sometimes I work on a painting for one or two weeks, but it is not rare that it takes months to complete a painting.

Á. M.: What gives you inspiration while you paint?

Á. P.: It depends. It has happened before that the colours of nature gave me ideas.

Á. M.: Who were your masters at school?

Á. P.: Gyula Nyírő, my elementray school teacher suggested going to the High School of Art. At College, György Kádár was my master.

Á. M.: What techniques do you use?

Á. P: I mainly work in oil on canvas or panel. I also use mixed media and embroidery, and occasionally I make mosaics, too.

Á. M.: Thank you for the interview.