"...not a fan of comics and cartoons..." - Roy Lichtenstein

In 2013, Tate Modern in London had the first comprehensive retrospective exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein (our featured artist in October) since his death in 1997. Lichtenstein was famous for his works based on comic strips coloured using hand-painted dots.

Masterpiece, 1962

'The Tate is to show another side of Roy Lichtenstein, one of the central figures in American pop art, whose comic strip paintings are among the most iconic pieces of 20th century art. But his widow also revealed that he was “not a fan of comics and cartoons”.

Dorothy Lichtenstein, the artist’s second wife, said: “When people think of Roy, they think of those cartoon images from the early ‘60s. But he had another close to 40 years after that working on other imagery.” '

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