November Birthdays 2

In 1840 the 14th of November was an important day: Claude Monet was born. He was the father of Impressionism - the movement was named after one of his paintings. Here you can see an artist file by Barbara Emőri (7/a) .


Claude Monet

Birth name: Oscar-Claude Monet

Born: 14 November 1840

            Paris, France

Died: 5 December 1926

            Giverny, France

Nationality: French


-          Impression, Sunrise

-          Rouen Cathedral series

-          London Parliament series

-          Haystacks

-          Poplars                                   



Early paintings:

-          Springtime (1872)

-          Argenteuil (1875)


Later Paintings:

-          Bridge over a pound of water lilies (1899)

-          Water lilies (1906)