Questions about art

These are the questions we discussed in class. You can think about them some more at home. 


Questions About Art*


1. What is art?

2. Should art be beautiful?

3. Does art have to tell a story?

4. Should art be realistic?

5. Which comes first, the art or the idea?

6. Does art express emotions?

7. Can art change society?



Write about an artwork*


1. Describe the artwork. Think about line, color, texture, pattern, and shape. Can you figure out what it is made of, or how it was made?


2. What do you know about this artwork? What is familiar? What is unfamiliar?


3. List words or ideas that come to mind when you look at this artwork. Why does this work of art make you think about those words?


4. What associations can you make from it? Why?


5. What questions would you like to ask about this artwork? Can you guess at the answers to any of them?


6. In one sentence, describe the most interesting thing about this artwork.



*The questions were found on the websites of the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis and The Museum of Modern Art, NY.