"Style Mucha"

This is how Anna Breczku (8/a) saw Mucha and his works in Prague. 

Alphonse Mucha

"In April 2013, I was in Prague. I went to an exhibition about Alphonse Mucha's works. We know that he lived from 1860 to 1939. He was also an exponent of the Art Nouveau style which was an ornamental style including architecture and interior decoration.  This style developed in the 1890s. The predecessor of this style was the Arts and Crafts Movement. Mucha's most famous work was a series: the "Four seasons".

 Image from https://www.muchafoundation.org

So the exhibition took place in a gallery. It was a little bit old but beautiful. The exhibition started with his sketches. There were like 50 pieces of them. Then came paintings about flowers and sketches, too. They were beautiful. In the next room there were statues and figures, about animals and people, famous and not famous also. After that, there were coins, and money made and designed by him. The next room was full of his paintings about animals in funny ways. We could also see famous people’s portraits, for example Abraham Lincoln’s portrait made out by his little portraits. I really liked them. At the end there were sketches about his designs for letters and about his most famous works, the posters with women and flowers. And at the very end of the exhibition there were the famous posters. They were all amazing and perfect. I really like this type of his works.

When we left the exhibition, there was a little shop. There were copies of his works which you could buy. Also there were things like pens, magnets, having one of his paintings or sketches printed on them. I won’t forget this, because it was really good."