The man in the picture wrote a letter... Part 1

Imagine you are the man in this painting. How do you feel? What is your day like? Who would you write a letter to?


                                           Károly Ferenczy: October, 1903                                   

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Some of the 8th graders wrote the following very good letters:


"Dear Edward,

As always, winter came in October. But the day before I had such a wonderful time.

In the morning the sun was shining and it was a bit cool because the wind was blowing. I went out for a walk and I saw a beautiful autumn scene. I ate delicious fruits during my trip. I knew it was the last day when I could go out like this so I tried to enjoy it.

Later in the afternoon the weather became chilly and clouds appeared in the sky. I knew I had to go home then but I stayed a little bit longer. The warm days were over.

What about your place? You live in a colder area so I assume you are freezing already.

Please write soon.

Yours sincerely,


Eszter Simon, 8/a



"My Dear Friend,

Last Sunday I spent a beautiful and peaceful day out in the open.

I went to have a picnic and it was wonderful. I am always amazed by nature. I was out all day making sketches or walking around.Everything was so calm and peaceful.I would be happy if I could spend another day like this with you.

I am looking forward to seeing you.

Your best friend,


Dóra Veres, 8/a



"Hello My Friend,

My morning was absolutely boring. I got up at ten o'clock and then I went outside to play with my dog. Then I went for a walk with him and I bought a newspaper. Although it is October, it is very warm outside so I was in the garden all day.

At 1 o'clock, after I had lunch, Károly Ferenczy came to my house because he wanted to paint a picture of me so we set up the scene and we were ready for the painting.

How was your day?

Write soon.



Vivien Nguyen, 8/b



"Dear Lana,

Today I visited my friend who lives in the countryside. She had to go to the market so I painted.

There were beautiful fruits in the garden so I decided to paint a picture of them. I made it sketchy but at home I will finish it. I can use gaudy hues and indistinguishable brushstrokes to make it more interesting.

I am so happy I could tell someone about my experiences!

P.S.: Emily has an amiable cat.



Panna Virág, 8/b


5.                                                                  Nagybánya, 14th October, 1886

"Dear Thomas,

I was gald to hear about you and your family. I was pleased that you wrote about your trip to Box Hill. Because of this I decided to tell you about my day.

Today morning the weather was much sunnier than usual in October. When I woke up and took my daily walk in the garden i decided that I would surprise my wife, Anabell, on her birthday. She was still sleeping when I left. I left a letter for her to come to the field next to the village. With two of our servants I prepared a picnic. After everything was ready I sent one of the servants back for Anabell because she had not arrived. When my wife arrived we had our picnic and stayed all day long in the field, we even watched the calming sunset. A day had never been so great.

This is the way we celebrated Anabell's birthday. I hope once you will have the chance to have a similar day in nature.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes,


Eszter Gyöngyösi, 8/b