The man in the picture wrote a letter... Part 2

Some more good letters...

                                     Károly Ferenczy: October, 1903                                    

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"Dear Sam,

I was standing there like a statue. The sun was shining and nobody was there. It was so calm and bright. It was very nice that I could spend a whole peaceful day there.

I brought an umbrella, some tea and some fruit with me as well. I didn't even think about going home sice it could have been the last sunny day of that year. It is very, very rare that there is such a nice day after August therefore I wanted to go out.

I hope something similar will happen to you as well. In my opinion it was an extraordinary experience and I am very happy that I could be there.

Your friend,


Marcell Valachi, 8/b



"Dear Mária,

I wish you could be here too, because this nice day and place would be even better with you.

As you are not here I am just reading newspapers and enjoying my free time on this beautiful day. The sun is shining, it makes me smile, and I think I will go and explore the beautiful city of Nagybánya. I'll study here for a while so I hope you will visit me some time. I miss you a lot, My Dear!

Best wishes from Nagybánya,



See you soon!"

Lilla Szécsi, 8/b



"Dear Friend,

I enjoyed my day very much. I didn't havre to go to work so I stayed home. The weather was great and I decided to sit in the garden. I had breakfast outside on the terrace. I painted a picture of the valley behind my house. Then I played with my cute dog, Bobby. He has grown a lot since you saw him last. In the afternoon I was just resting in my chair and reading. Nobody distutrbed me. 

I hope you will have a day like this soon.

How are you? And what about Missy?

Please write soon.



Viki Babay, 8/a



"Dear Bianca,

I am writing to you about my day.

It was October and it was the first day when I felt autumn was here. The wind was blowing and the weather was pretty cold. It was nice to feel the warm sunshine on my skin.

I was relaxing that day. I went to the garden. I took some fruits and a little tea with me. I put an umbrella up next to the table. When I stood in the shadow of my umbrella it was cold but it protected me from the sun.

It was a good feeling to sit in the garden, eat an apple and feel that autumn is here. I hope you liked my letter and you will have a day like mine.

Best wishes,


Inka Osiyemi, 8/b



"Dear John,

I was very pleased when I received your wonderful letter. I immediately sat down and started to write my reply. You wished to hear about one of my days in Hungary. Let me write about it to you.

After going through my morning routine I went out to get the newspaper. Since it was a sunny day - which is surprising in October - I sat down in the garden to read the news. My lovely wife brought out some delicious fruits which I ate up immediately. After reading and having dinner I invited some of my good friends over to play poker with me. After a few rounds they went home and soon after I went to bed as well.

This was my day in a nutshell. What was your day like? Hope you'll write back soon.

Yours sincerely,


Laura Harsányi, 8/b



"Dear Dóra,

My day was so calm and cheerful that I praise God that I could spend it here.

I got back to my grandparents house but they were not home, so I could only sit down in the garden and wait for them. While I eas waiting I put up the umbrella and gathered some fruits from the trees. I climbed them as I used to when I was a child. I felt so young and ecstatic. I also saw my old cat who was sleeping under the table with her kittens. They were so amiable. I was delving for some more fruits around the house when I found my old hammock.I hung it up to the trees and pulled the umbrella there. I was taking a nap while the birds were singing and the sun was shining. My grandparents arrived in the afternoon and woke me up.

My day was so good, I wish you were here. Maybe next time.



Krisztina Németh, 8/c



"Hello Camille,

It's good to be home. I worked in a camp from July to the end of September.

You know, this place seems so familiar to me. The old smells, my soft bed, everything is perfect. The sun is shining, there's a little wind but we need it. We've just harvested the apples and the grapes. We are going to make some wine from it. But not today. I will lay down in the sun and eat the delicious fruits and make some juice. That's how I am going to spend my day, just doing nothing. 

How are you? I heard you went to many places in summer. And how are you going to spend your days? I think there is no better way to relax than doing nothing all day.

I am waiting for your reply.



Andrea Szloboda, 8/c



"Dear Friend,

It's so peaceful here. Not a sound. Instead, I can hear the birds. I can feel the harmony of nature here. I can see the animals getting ready for winter. 

The weather is quite chilly, I don't have to wear my coat. The sun is shining, too. 

I will have a picnic around twelve and after that I may take a walk to get some ideas for my next novel. At sunset I would like to make a small painting about the place I am at - the landscape enchanted me! 

I am looking forward to hearing from you and your autumn - hoping you haven't got sick.

Best wishes,


Beáta Boros, 8/c



"Dear Armand,

I am sorry for not contacting you but I was really busy.

I had a really good day today. I ate the first apples we have had this summer (they are delicious) for breakfast. Then I went to the fields. My workers say we are going to have more crop than we have expected. These are really good news for me. Finally I returned home and I told Mary. She was amazed, too.

I hope you are well, too. Have a nice weekend. 

I am waiting for your reply.

Best wishes,


András Császár, 8/c