Through Students' Eyes - Max Ernst

The 8th graders have been focusing on Modern Art. Let's see how Berta Nagy (8/a) interpreted a painting by Max Ernst.

Max Ernst(1891-1976): The Elephant Celebes

It was painted in 1921 by a Dadaist-Surrealist German paiter, Max Ernst with oil on canvas. It combines the vivid, dreamlike atmosphere of Surrealism and the collage-like parts of Dada.

I chose this picture because it emphasizes something more than people can understand. Only the painter knows exactly why it was depicted that way. It is like a dream. In the picture a mechanical elephant is depicted with something like a totem pole. I really like the colours and collage fabrics in it. The whole thing is so surraelistic yet it is beautiful. The clouds give the impression that it's before a great storm. Also, the shadows are unreal, they aren't as they're supposed to be which makes the whole picture even more fascinating.

The image is somehow familiar to me. It feels comfortable to look at it. It reminds me of my Sopron. Maybe because of the clouds, it rains a lot there.

All in all I really like this picture. And I find it extremely creative and inspiring.