Through students' eyes - Monet

There were quite a few outstanding assignments about Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. The best ones will be shared here. Enjoy.

A thoughtful interpretation of a painting by Tícia Hörömpöli from 8/a. 


Path in Monet's Garden in Giverny

by Claude Monet


In this picture we can see a house shaded by pines and colourful flowers. We are standing on a path on the way to the house. I’ve chosen this painting because it is colourful and realistic. We can find a lot of bright colours in this picture. Purple and orange are dominating the painting. There aren’t any strong lines in this painting; it was painted with many quick brushstrokes. There isn’t any recognizable shape either.

Monet painted it in1902. It is 92 x 89 cm (36.2 in x 35 in). It was painted by oil on canvas. You can see it at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria. He painted several variations about this path.  It is familiar because he painted a lot about his garden and flowers, too. 

When I look at this picture, these words come to my mind: pine, flowers, door, kitchen, - because I associate it with my grandma who loves to cook and to plant -  heedful and cheerful, because I think whoever takes care of this garden is careful and happy.

If I could meet Monet I would ask these questions about this picture:
Who planted these beautiful flowers?
Who takes care of them?
What is your favourite subject to paint?
Why did you paint a lot of variations of one subject?
Do you live in this house or is this just a holiday home?

I think the most exciting thing about this painting is how the beautiful flowers remain in the area shaded by the pines.

If we think about the meaning of this picture we can assure that this painting means the assigned way of our lives. At the end of our shadowed way you see the house, which can mean the end or goal of our lives. We meet problems on the way, which are representated by the shadows on the path.