Through students' eyes - Van Gogh

There were quite a few outstanding assignments about Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. The best ones will be shared here. Enjoy.

Discover a couple of Van Gogh paintings with Berta Nagy, 8/a.


Vincent Van Gogh: Sunflowers

Sunflowers were one of Van Gogh's favourite themes. The Dutch artist painted a whole series of artworks on this topic. They show sunflowers either in vases or on the ground. He painted them with oil on canvas with thick brushstrokes. He also had to work quickly, because the flowers faded within a couple of days. These pictures were created in 1888, in France and were originally made to decorate the rooms of Van Gogh's studio. I would also love to put these on my walls.

I had the opportunity to see two of the pictures in the National Gallery, in London. The one that is usually in London, and the one that is usually in Amsterdam. They are both brilliant works of art. They are quite similar, just the colours are different.

I really like the bright yellows, and the blue he uses. Those colous express peaceful and happy feelings. Also, they make me think of the lazy summer afternoons that I spent in the garden with reading novels. I have no idea why, but it makes me feel a bit if I were at home. I belive that every picture means different things to diffrent people, because they have other experiences and thoughts, but these pictures are not capable of bringing up bad memories.

Sunflowers are symbols of happiness, and these still-lifes are a corroboration of the cause of this statement. I think that I needn't say why.

The most interesting thing about these pictures is that they have been painted in such a short time, yet they are so beautiful, simple and can capture the feeling and pleasantness with such sentiment. I really like this about Van Gogh.

If I could ask him one thing it would be about how he could put these emotions in the paintings.